Monday, June 18, 2012

Luna Interactive Projection Camera Giveaway

There are many different document cameras out on the market today, but I would like to introduce you to my personal favorite: The Luna Interactive Projection Camera.  This has to be one of my favorite resources for the classroom!  
Before I had this amazing tool in my classroom, I had a cheap doc camera.  The Luna was a completely new experience for me- I love it!
What makes the Luna truly invaluable in the classroom are two features in particular: the light and the telescoping flexible handle.  The light is wonderful because it helps get a much clearer picture.  In my classroom, we have harsh fluorescent lights.  In addition, my projection camera sat on a ledge under a row of cabinets.  It could get very dark in that corner and the images on other document cameras would be blurry.  I was able to zoom in on coins and show great detail with the light on the Luna Projection Camera.  I also love that it can pivot at any angle making it extremely useful!

Another really useful feature is the photo and video capacity.  If you want to take pictures, use it as a webcam, or create digital stories this is your tool!
The Luna Projection Camera is also much less expensive than some other document cameras on the market.  But the best price is free- and today you have the chance to win one for yourself!  A winner will be randomly chosen on 6/26/12.  Good luck!

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