Sunday, January 23, 2011

100th day- Meet Granny Cross

She's old. She's feeble. She's sassy! She walks with a cane and has a hunchback. She doesn't know how to operate those newfangled gadgets, and she loses her glasses often.
Meet Granny Cross... 100 year old "me" I informed my students that "Mrs. Cross" was sick at home, and I was her 100 year old grandmother. Think 'Mrs. Nelson is Missing' if Viola Swamp were 100 and funny (and a lot nicer!).

To get granny-fied....
  1. Get some baby powder and dump it liberally in your old lady hair do
  2. Get some old glasses (mine are the ones from the 3-d movies! More of an accessory- they didn't stay on my face)
  3. Get a large sweater and stuff a pillow up your back- you do have a hump, after all.
  4. Find a lovely floral pattern skirt
  5. Wear some nice knee high stockings or socks with the ugliest loafers you can find- preferably black or navy
  6. Add a cane and an oversized purse. By purse, I mean suitcase that you could easily fit a bathtub in
  7. Make-up effects are optional. I squinched up my face and then darkened the wrinkles with a light brown eyeshadow. A bright pink lipstick is mandatory.
We made necklaces from 100 fruit loops, wore outfits with 100 items on them (Granny Cross' 100 item was the beaded lanyard for her glasses), and did lots of other fun things.

You could also have your students dress up as 100 year old people. :)
Happy 100th day!

PS Does anyone else feel like it should NOT be 100th day already?!



This is soooo cute! I love that you dress up, that is dedication!


You are so ingenious! I will have to think about this for our 100 Day!!!


Oh...I'm totally stealing your clever idea! Our 100th day isn't until the 11th.


Glad you liked it! Our 100th day has been pushed back to next Monday because of all the snow in Tennessee! Hope you have fun with yours! :) Thanks for commenting!

Teaching Heart Mom

Wow, great job. I am sure your class loved this! First time here, I will be back!


Teaching Heart Mom,
Thanks for stopping by! :) Glad you found my blog. I'm trying to post as often as possible... it's a little sporadic right now because I'm trying to finish up Graduate school at night. Thanks for your comment! :)


I found you at the link party and LOVE this idea -too funny! :)

Miss Kindergarten

HAHA! this is absolutely adorable! we celebrated our 100th day today! woohoo!! :)

The Knight Life

Fantastic idea! Definitely may steal this one for next year! Now following you from the link party :-)


Today was our 100th day of school! We had a blast! I teach on a team of 6 first grade teachers and we did rotations. So I did my activity 6 times (30 minute rotations). I did exercises in 100 seconds (jumping jacks, jogging in place, toe touches, stretches, free dance, etc)= one tired teacher by the end of the day!!! You look adorable, Granny :)


What an awesome idea! Love the idea of a 100-year-old!! ;)


Love your ideas. You have a wonderful blog! The way you met your husband is so awesome. We love Disney!


Mrs. Saoud

Yep! Totally cute. Looking forward to the 100th day next year. Thanks!!!!


Veronica Chase

LOL this is so awesome! I celebrated 100th Day with a class and thought all the activities were very cute, but this tops them all!

Buzzin' on Cupcakes in 1st Grade!

We do this, too! Except we invite all our little ones to dress up, too! They are so stinkin' cute!


What a cute idea!

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