Saturday, April 16, 2011

Earth Day Linky Party!

Is your class stuck at school on Earth Day?  Why not take a virtual field trip to an aquarium to meet Winter the Dolphin?  Winter was hit by a boat and has a prothetic tail.  Devoted people have worked hard to save and protect animals like Winter.

You could also view Disney's Nature series: Oceans, and Earth are currently available for rental.

Speaking of nature, why don't you let your kids observe nature up close?  Check out the Eagle cam, or Black Bear Camera.  This site for teachers has everything from Coral Reef Cameras to Antarctica cams and African Game Reservations live feeds!

You can also check out an older post on hatching chicks in the classroom.

Our project is turning old newspapers into bookmarks- wait it gets even better- that are biodegradable and can be planted when the students are finished with them!

Every year my class anxiously looks forward to Earth Day!  We collect a few newspapers, a blender (mine), some towels, wildflower seeds ($1 for a huge box at the Dollar store), large bowls, popsicle sticks and cheese cloths- then the fun begins!


  1. Use a hot glue gun to glue 4 gaint popsicle sticks into a square. Next, cover it with a cheesecloth cut to size and glue it too.  (I don't have pics at home- I will post them Monday!)  Allow time for drying.
  2. Have students shred the newspaper into strips
  3. Place equal parts newspaper and water into the blender  **You can add food coloring here, but watch your towels when drying!**  
  4. Blend! (Students LOVE this part!  I let them press the buttons)  After blending, add in flower seeds.
  5. Drain your pulpy concoction through the cheesecloth/popsicle stick device over a bowl.  Press with a towel until most of the moisture is removed
  6. Leave in a sunny place to dry
  7. Cut in half to a more rectangular shape if desired
  8. Read with your bookmark!
  9. Plant your bookmark!

Now it is your turn!  How do you celebrate Earth Day?


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