Friday, June 29, 2012

Classroom Organization and setup

CAFE BOARD- My new cafe board is still in progress.  One idea that I am really excited about is the magnetic (stove) burner covers from the dollar store.  I am going to print the students' names on the a magnetic strip and they will place their name into whichever category they are working on.  I like this better than post-it notes because they won't fall off!

ADD LABELS TO EVERYTHING- Look extra organized- label!  I printed everything onto one color cardstock that will be together.  I try to keep everything very uniform.  Also, I spray painted that green shelf black- it looks much better.  Here is a "before' picture of the board without the border.  But mainly check out my labels!
FRAME YOUR BOARDS!- I added the same solid blue frame around ALL my bulletin boards.  I have lots of bright colors in my room; by giving them all the same border it adds a uniform look.  Also, all of my bulletin board paper is black (except for my cafe board).  If you haven't added a border to your whiteboards, I would highly recommend it.  It make them pop!
COMPUTER ORGANIZATION: As I set up my new classroom, I wanted to create a computer area that had enough room.  To do this, I put the computers UNDER the tables and only leave the keyboard, mouse and monitor showing. 

I gather all the cords tight and use zip ties to bind them.  Cut off the extra piece!
Last, attach a label to the cord where it is being plugged in so you can easily find what you need.  Download my computer labels below!

Also, I hated that you could still see all the cords under the tables.  I had some extra fabric left over from the class curtains.  I cut it to size and hot glued the edges under to that it wouldn't fray (easy no-sew tip!) Then I hot glued it to the table. No more ugly cords!

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What are you doing differently for organization/setup this year?


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Nice job! I love the stove burner idea (may be stealing it) and I LOVE your Cafe posters!! ;) Nice choice, haha.

Great job!! Your room is looking great!! I'm so jealous that you can organize already. We still have until early August before we can step foot on campus. :(


The stove burner idea is great! I also like your boards framed with border. It is a little touch that makes a big difference.



Gotta love the blue border that makes everything pop! :)
My Second Sense


I LOVE your blog. I teach 3rd grade too! I like how you designed your classroom because it is very creative and organized :)

Look Who's Teaching

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