Monday, January 21, 2013

Talent Show Idea For Teachers: Glowstick Dancers

Last year our PTO started a student talent show.  It has been a huge success, and the teachers have even gotten in on the act.  Read on to find out how to transform your team into Glowstick Dancing Divas!

The "Before" Pictures!  Here is a sneak peek of us getting ready:
Hmmm... Layers and layers of frumpy clothes + fluoresce lights = not cute! 

I haven't found any great videos of our performance (the person who filmed ours was waaaay back in the gym, and you can't really see anything), but here are some examples of other people on Youtube:

To create this look you will need 4 packs of neckless glowsticks (2 neckless in a pack).  Use LOTS of clear packing tape; make sure it goes all the way around your legs/arms.

Does YOUR school have a talent show?



This is about the coolest thing I have EVER seen- it would blow the students away!

Great Idea, I'm filing it away!

Sparkles, Smiles, and Successful Students


Oh soo cool! I love this idea. Two yrs ago we had a student talent show which mostly consisted of singing and/or dancing. I want to do it again this year...need to talk to my principal. This would be a great idea to do as a finale or an opener!


Thanks for the comments! The students LOVE it! We came out backwards just like they do in the video; when you turn around the noise level from the students cheering is deafening!
D.- Our program is really a student talent show as well. The third grade teachers were the only adults that performed. We did it right before breaking for intermission.
We got a new (male) principal this year. He agreed to perform with us. He ended up getting a stand-in, this teacher who can REALLY dance to go out there and do all kinds of crazy stuff. After the dance, they turned on the lights and we went back onstage to take our bow; the Principal came out with us with a towel around his neck and a water bottle like he had just gotten a real workout! It was pretty funny.

Karen Stamp

HOW FUN!! I am actually the MC of our student Talent Show--but we usually get the staff involved for 1-2 acts too. I already pinned it!
THANKS for sharing,
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten


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