Monday, February 7, 2011

Incorporating Time & $$$ into Morning Meeting

Miss Knight asked how everyone incorporates time and money into their morning meeting. My routine is a variation of J.Meacham's calendar routine.

This is our complete morning routine:

7:10 a.m. Come into the classroom with Dr. Jean's "Welcome back" playing. Hang up backpacks. Meet at the carpet for "Rise and Shine" "Hello Neighbor" and "Shake a Hand" (all Dr. Jean songs set on my "morning" playlist on itunes). Return to desks when "Have a seat" begins.

7:15 a.m. School officially starts- students get out their morning work packet. A "packet" consists of one month's calendar documents, 2 sided and stapled together. I turn on classical music- usually Baby Einstein's Baby Galileo because it is very peaceful. The students WILL request it if I forget to turn it on!

**I'm having trouble with the format! This is a regular word document, but when I upload it into Google docs, my spacing is waaaay off. Help please!

This is my first year to use this set up. I like that there is a set routine, but it can be made more advanced as the year progresses. I have a section of my board that corresponds to each topic on this sheet. Every day the students: complete a pattern, identify the amount of coins, tell time and what time it would be one hour before/after, complete a fact family (I now only give them 2 numbers- they have to add or subtract to get the third), complete a calendar, work with place value and tally marks, and alphabetize 5 words.

What I don't like about this: the graph. I am going to replace this with something new... maybe more math facts? I'm open to suggestions! :)

Variations: My amazing buddy that teaches K has a simpler version (also from JMeacham) that is on laminated file folders.

What I LOVE about her version: she has velcro strips and the kids actually place coins to make the amount for that day. On my version, they simple draw the coins- example: 1 inside a circle represents a penny.

A student guides the rest of the class in checking their work. I'm going to start taking these up for a daily grade.

I don't think I have any pictures of my board yet. I will try to take some if we have school tomorrow- we had a freak snow blizzard today!

Also, for my "early finishers" I use word ladders. I started this because I thought I was going to have to teach reading intervention to a small group during this time. However, that is not the current arrangement- but the word ladders stuck! The book I am using is geared towards 2nd grade, but my little kiddos LOVE them. It is a great vocabulary and fluency builder! I was shocked at how much the kids love these.

So after we have finished checking our morning work, we move to the carpet. I have all the student names listed on a ring. I have one person who is the calendar helper/line leader for the day.


Claire @ Completely Claire

THANK YOU!! I'm going to use that clock idea! Great idea!

Dave and Linds

love these ideas! thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Magee

I have been looking for some peaceful music for my classroom. I'll have to try out the Baby Einstein cd! Thanks for sharing some of your favorite songs to use in the classroom. :) I also have that word ladder book. Use it last year, but haven't brought it out this year yet.

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