Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TouchMath product reviews

I recently acquired the following TouchMath products:

<b>Touch2Learn Math Fans</b>
<b>Touch2Learn TouchNumerals with Base 10</b>

<b>1st Grade Subtraction Kit</b>

The math fans are the best product that I've come across in a while and they are by far my favorite.  On one side there are pennies, which helps the students learn about coins early on.  On the other side, there are shapes and fractions!  The students are highly motivated with the math fans.  They are very enthusiastic about subtraction using the TouchMath products and strategies.  I have some students that struggle with math concepts, but the Touch 2 Learn fans gives the students a concrete manipulative to help construct their knowledge of a concept. 

The lessons included in the accompanying teachers' manual covers everything from one-to-one correspondence, counting and number order, greater than/less than, place value, addition and subtraction.  The students love the fans!  My Principal and Literacy Coach stopped by today to check them out and they raved about the fans!  I'm presenting these at the faculty meeting tomorrow.
  I used the subtraction kit worksheets in conjunction with the fans.  The subtraction kit has all the worksheets you need to teach the touch point strategies.  

  Base 10 with Math Fans
                           Hundreds Block                 Tens "Touch Stick"                          Ones

The foam TouchNumerals were very neat!  The oversized foam numbers fit perfectly in little hands.  While students are learning about number correspondence and basic computations, the base ten plastic trays and foam operation symbols help every step of the way.  Students can use the foam dots to begin to make connections between objects and numbers.  

I will be adding more pictures and details as we continue to explore with our TouchMath products.  Overall, I have been very impressed so far and I would highly recommend these products!  If you are looking for more information, you make click on the product name above the picture to link you directly back or you can click here.

You can also head over to We Are Teachers to become a TouchMath Champion.  Perks include free products for your classroom for you to review!  


Erica Bohrer

Thanks for sharing! I love Touch Math.
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