Saturday, April 23, 2011

A graphic comparing how much teachers make around the world

Teachers Worth Around the World | Infographic |
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Ok, who's holding out on us?  I want to know who is STARTING at $43,000 teaching with a class size of 15 kiddos.  Cause my bags are packed and I'm moving to your district!  Ha... I think that's more like what I will expect my salary to look like with a master's degree after I've been teaching for... I dunno... 15 years?
Your thoughts?  :)  Cute visual, but I don't think it's accurate at to say the least.



I started out at 27k and have an average of 25 students! The stats seem a little off. I'm sure some class sizes are huge in large cities
I might pack my bags too!


I am tempted to post this anonymously, but I love what I do and the facts just prove that teachers-at-heart will teach for nearly nothing. At the private school where I teach (my 13th year, teaching), I make in the low 20Gs. If I average out the hours vs. the pay, I find that the 12-yr-old babysitter down the street makes more $$.

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Thanks for visiting my blog!! This is definitely a topic that will get a lot of attention from your readers!

Amy @ SweetExpectations8

I think we all know we decided on a job because we love it - at least for myself, it is a passion and I don't consider it a job. I knew I wasn't going to make any money - and I was totally okay with that - because I don't get up and go to work every day - I get up and go make a difference every day and smile!

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