Saturday, October 1, 2011

Owl & Bat Nocturnal Animals Ceiling Decoration

Handprint wings :)

Haha my favorite!  I think it is supposed to be a scary bat, but I think it kinda looks like a lady bat... too cute.

Ok, now here's the bad news... I don't have a pattern.  I got it from one of the veteran teachers and I have no idea where they got it from.  But, I have a plan!  To make your own, find a clipart image of an owl.  Print and cut out the large sections onto a manilla file folder to make a pattern- then cut out the individual pieces for your kiddos.  It takes a little while to cut out, but I think the results are so worth it!  Also, use colored hole punch protectors to add some colors to the eyes.  And googly eyes are a must.  :)

 Also, the bat pattern is very simple- just the body!  The students trace their hands (twice) on 1/2 a sheet of black paper for the wings.  The moon is just a 10" circle from the die cut.  Owl on one side, bat on the other.  Looks great from the ceiling!

What do you do for fall decorations?


Grade ONEderful

Those are GREAT looking!

Grade ONEderful

Meghan Mayhew

I love the bats and owls! I have posted a fall activity I do with pumpkins on my blog, feel free to check it out!


I love your cute little blog, so I've decided to give you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out!

Ginger Snaps

These are soooo cute! Thank you for linking up! =)

Mrs. Teachnology

I have bestowed upon you the "I Heart You Blog Award"! Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas. Hop on over to Mrs. Teachnology to grab your award!

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