Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everything September!

Interactive Math Journals, New Anchor Charts & Bulletin Boards, and a brand new Reading Assessment Notebook are all included in this post!

Anchor charts really show what we are working on in class and we refer to them often.  The Metacognition chart comes from Tammy McGregor, ThinkMarks from Fontas and Pinnell, and Writing from Lucy Calkins and The Sisters.  I love being surrounded by the gurus!  :)

I am absolutely in love with our Math Notebooks this year!  I had a lot of inspiration from Runde's Room and Yvonne Crawford's presentation at the Back To School Expo.  I LOVE the left hand side thinking page for our math journals!!! 

 Notice the big green dot?  That is the student's self assessment based on a traffic light- red: still needs work; yellow: starting to get it; green: understands and could teach it to a friend.

Reflection: It help(ed) me out because when you choose a number do it goes "Whoo" or "Whee" 

hahahaha! We made  number line Roller Coaster for Rounding... complete with sound effects, as evident in this student's reflection!

I love glueing the foldables into the math notebook.  Author Dinah Zike has some amazing resources you should check out if you haven't already!

Here is a peak into our math notebooks.  The money printables come from Tales of a Traveling Teacher.  She has a whole section of Math Notebook printables and Literacy Journals.  Great idea!  Check out all of her TPT notebook resources here.

Sorting & creating charts

Word Problems
Sorting by addition property

I've been trying to get my reading system down for a while now.  We FINALLY got the ok from our new curriculum instructor that we didn't have to follow the basal so strictly!  My county was big on that for a while- remember when I had to get rid of the Daily 5?
Well, I'm bringing it back!  (WOOHOO!) Plus, I'm really teaching flexible strategy groups this year!  I'm so excited about it!

One of my FAVORITE teaching bloggers, Beth Newingham, inspired this binder.  She has lots of great freebies for you to create your own assessment binder!
This little chart is how I plan to keep up with my strategy groups.  Strips of velcro allow me to easily move the groups.  It's on a laminated piece of scrapbook paper, so I can write on it with dry erase markers!

What are YOU doing in your class that is new this year?


Crafting Misfit

I just found your wonderful blog! Glad to be here! LOVE the math notebooks!!!

Learning and Lattes

Mrs. Brown

Wow! Busy September!! You are awesome! I love those math notebooks and how they have to prove their understanding.


Great ideas! I love your anchor charts, and your notebooks! I am doing the same type of thing in their binders. It makes so much sense!

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