Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Maker Faire

Want a great way to get your kids involved in hands-on STEM projects?  You should check for local mini-Maker Faires in your area!  Described as the World's Greatest Show-and-Tell, maker faires are a gathering of minds... minds that are fascinated with inventing and creating.  Personally, I think it's a great tie-in to STEM projects.

Also, check out things like SparkTruck that will come to you!

Check out this link to find a Mini-Maker Faire near you!

Google map from

Possible ideas for Maker Faire... Robotics?

I had an opportunity to play with the Lego Mindstorm kit at ISTE this year.  I really enjoyed their product, and I would love to get it into the hands of my students!  I'm debated exactly which product to delve into- I would love to hear what you are using! Leave a comment or send me a message on Twitter!

Today we had our district tech conference.  I played with littleBits. I like that they are magnetic and $149 for a starter kit.  I like and dislike that there is no software component; I think it is easier to use, but they aren't learning a software program like Scratch.

Steve Dembo (@teach42) was our Keynote today!  He works for Discovery Education, and he is also a co-author (with Adam Bellow) of:  
Me & Steve Dembo @ our local tech conference

Adam explains Google Glass to me @ ISTE

Have you watched this yet?  It's a must-do before the new school year!  Get ready to change the world!


Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

I LOVE the Maker Faire! The Maker Faire in my area happens during the school year so they actually host a preview day for school groups to go and check things out. I've brought my class of first graders on the field trip for the last two years and they absolutely LOVE it! If the Maker Faire in your area does the same, definitely go look into it. It's an awesome experience! :)

Diary of a Second Grade Teacher

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