Tuesday, January 29, 2013

HearAll Assessment Recorder... Why YOU need one!

As an educator, do you ever wish you could duplicate yourself?  Wouldn't it be nice to monitor that group in workstations at the same time you are conducting a reading conference with another student?   Speaking of students, do your students need to improve their fluency?  What if there was a product that could help you accomplish all of those things without breaking your classroom budget?  

There is!

Learning Resources sent me a HearAll Assessment Recorder to review.  This nifty product has various microphones to pick up many sounds at once.  That means you can record a group at work and hear everything that is happening.  I really enjoyed using the HearAll for Reader's Theater.  The quality of the recordings were good for classroom use, and the device is incredibly easy to operate.  I also love that it can record up to 64 tracks at one time, no matter how long they are!  
Here are a few ways that I am using the device in my classroom:
We record group work to share on our class website.  Students were very engaged and motivated when the HearAll Assessment Recorder was around!

Students record themselves reading and then listen to the playback.  They rate their own fluency.  We can also create class audiobooks that will be transferred to the Listening Station.

Math Workstations & Literacy Workstations

The HearAll Assessment Recorder improves classroom management.  By providing more accountability in small groups, students stay on task and more focused.

Overall, I think this product could be an asset in any classroom.  I particularly like the students'  awareness of fluency when they use the device.  I think it would be interesting to record a student throughout the year and create a digital portfolio utilizing the HearAll Recorder.  I have taught a student in the past that had Selective Mutism; this device would be ideal for assistive communication.

My students were using the recorder independently with ease after a quick modeling lesson.  It is very lightweight and made of plastic; it also appears to be very durable.  I also like that it has built-in rechargeable batteries, and that it plugs into your USB drive.  I think the price is a little steep, but I do believe that it is a good, quality product that would be helpful in any classroom.

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Or you can order your HearAll Assessment Recorder on Amazon (currently on sale!).

Thanks, Learning Resources!


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