Monday, January 21, 2013

Pintrest Inspired Lessons Linky: Fractions

This week I am teaching fractions.  The internet is always a huge source of inspiration, so I would like to showcase a few of the great teachers who provided me inspiration this week.  Kuddos to everyone featured; I would not be able to teach fractions without all of you!  Learning in Wonderland is hosting a Linky Party of your Pinterest Inspired Lessons.

Runde's Room Interactive Math Journals have been a HUGE inspiration to my teaching this year.  I've actually been doing math & science journals, and I LOVE them!  Check out this brillant way to document equivalent fractions:
photo of Fraction math journal entry @ Runde's Room
Photo Credit: Runde's Room

Photo Credit: Here is a picture of a fraction game freebie from Math Coach's Corner
Math Coach's Corner has several posts on fractions that have been a huge help!  I'm looking forward to using her Fraction Games (Free!!!)

Comparing Fractions Poster Credit: Math Coach's Corner

Check out her comparing Fractions poster; it's another freebie!  She has an entire wonderful post on comparing fractions you can find here.  And then she has a great building fractions number sense post/game for the younger kids!  Love it!  Math Coach's Corner has been a wonderful resource for me this week; I feel like I have a personal math coach (which I desperately needed this week!).

Photo Credit: Chef's Hat from First Grade Parade
Adorable Cara over at First Grade Parade posted how to make these chef hats.  This would be a fun twist to do with fractions when talking about "Pizza" or "Pie"!

I didn't want to jump into equivalent fraction by just cross multiplying.  I love this video from MathMammoth that explains the visual models and moves into the more abstract concepts later.  Here is a worksheet that goes with it.

Photo Credit: Interactive Tool from NCTM Illuminations

Photo Credit: The Loco Teacher has a great Fraction Map for free that you can snag at her blog!

Anchor Charts

I LOVE anchor charts in my classroom.  I'm not super creative with the design, so I checked out The Hanley's wonderful blog for great anchor charts!  
Fractions---Probably my favorite thing to teach!

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Mrs. Sheehan

Ash, Thanks so much for linking up :) You found some terrific ideas! I especially like the pizza inside the math journal!

Julie Marciniak

I love your use of technology in the classroom! And GREAT anchor charts!!!!
Happy to be your newest follower!
Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

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