Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Arctic & Antarctic Animals

Arctic Animals

This was my first year to do a unit with Arctic animals with my class. It was logical, considering we already created a milk jug igloo this year, so we were talking about how the people adapted to live in the cold climates.

This is just the start of our unit- I will be adding to it more as it continues!

Here is a webquest that I created on Arctic Animals. It includes short clips from National Geographic, photos, and kid-friendly facts. BrainPopJr. has a free video on Arctic Habitats.

We came back to school on a Thursday after winter break. We had no spelling words, no
reading story, and no math chapter to cover! After reviewing procedures, we got into science!
My teaching buddy from across the hall decided to pair up with me on this one. After she made a KWL chart with the kiddos, we started the hands-on discovery!
I also got out my globe and a flashlight. We had some student helpers come be the "sun" with the flashlight. We talked about the Earth's tilt, and the kids discovered where the most light hits at various points in the Earth's cycle around the sun.

Next, we talked about animal adaptations. We did a science experiment about blubber and how that insulates the animals. Volunteers came up and took turns experimenting which was better- sticking your bare hand in icy water or using a water proof, insulated glove in the water.

My class worked with the first grade class from across the hall to use rulers and draw the animals to scale. I created a packet of animal facts for them to use. Here is a copy. I also LOVE Babbling Abby's Penguin Unit! We will be going more in-depth to penguins later this month.

Here are some other useful links:

More to come soon!


Ms. A's Class

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I put you on my blog list and can't wait to see the rest of your wonderful ideas!

Click here to download my Arctic Animal Science Journal


I LOVE the new title for your blog! It suits you! And I LOVE your blog! I found tons I can't wait to "borrow" from you! We are doing penguins when we go back (we have so much snow right now in South Carolina!) and have been out all week. I am going to use lots of your goodies! Thanks so much! Cindy


Ms. A-
Thanks for the Arctic Animal Science Journal- I can't wait to look at that! Your blog has such a cute name- I have an ocean theme in my classroom and I LOVE it!

Thanks! :) I'm really excited about this blog and discovering all of the other teachers out there who are posting resources! Good luck on your penguin unit- that will be lots of fun!

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