Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Milk Jug Igloo

It's cold outside. So it feels like a great time to share all aboutthe Arctic Unit we have been studying. I'm going to break this post intosmaller ones to make it more manageable.

This post will be dedicated to the steps on how to create a milk jug igloo!

I first heard of this idea when I was doing my practicum in college. I thought it was a really cool idea! Then I forgot about it.

Surely you know about Jessica Meacham, right? Sure you do- you're a professional bloggin' teacher! (If you don't, just go over to her site and block off the rest of your day so you can enjoy the amazingness.) I stumbled on her site and decided to tackle the igloo this year.

First, you will need ALOT of milk jugs. No, really.
Then, we used string to tie them together in groups of ten (place value, anyone?) and skip count by ten's. Then you create the base around a yard stick. It's alot harder than it looks to kind of hard to get them in that shape! I use high-heat hot glue, though apparently there is some crazy stuff called Cold Glue? Ever heard of it?

Then you keep stacking, and stacking, and stacking!

We had a pattern in the stacking- two handles together, one handle facing down, two handles together, one facing down.... I manned the hot glue gun, but the kids stacked them and held them in place until they were dry.

We aren't 100% finished yet- we are still going to build a tunnel entrance. You know, to keep out the snow. Or just for added fun factor. Notice the smiles?
My husband is dragging me out the door to go to the library. Next post will be on Arctic animals and free penguin resources that you can download!



I bet your students loved that milk jug igloo!

Great start to your new blog. I am also a new blogger. Check it out :)


Thanks for stopping by! Yes, they get super-excited about the milk jug igloo! Hopefully we will be able to use it soon- we have only been to school for 2 days this month! The snow has shut this part of Tennessee completely down! I want to let the kids use the igloo during our Daily 5 center rotations. We JUST finished building it before Christmas. I will definitely start it earlier next year!

I added your blog- good luck! Tell your friends about this blog too! :)

Katie Smith

wow! the igloo is soooo cool! I wonder if I can get enough cartons to do that! lol

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