Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Document Camera for $68

Did you know you can get a document camera for under $100?

Check out this little beauty at Amazon for just $68! It's called an IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera, and you will love it! Most Elmos and other competitive brands start at around $400, so this is a steal!
It hooks up directly to your USB on your computer and then uses your projector to magnify objects.

I use mine to:
  • demonstrate good handwriting technique
  • enlarge book pictures and point out text
  • demonstrate how to complete assignments
  • show students how to use the itouch applications

IPEVO Point 2 View USB Camera
My fantastic room mom took up a collection at Christmas, and this was my class Christmas present! (How amazing are they?!)

Do YOU have a document camera? If so, how do you use it?


Ladybug Teacher

What a nice thing for your room mom to do! I have the same camera and I like it a lot. Our school has Elmos, but only a few to share among grade levels so I call my ipevo my "mini Elmo" and it is a wonderful backup.

I use mine for reading books in Reader's Workshop, correcting math together, going over assignments, anything I can think of! Love your blog, will be visiting again soon! :)

Plants seeds of knowledge...for our future!

Thanks for the wonderful news! I have been wanting an ELMO and this sounds like the perfect solution!


We have one to 'share' amongst our grade level. I use mine to allow the students to share their journal writings each day. Obviously for time sake, only a couple go a day. :) The students are great at correcting each other's work now!


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!!


I've been blest to have AWESOME room moms! I was floored when I found out she got me a document camera. I just got it for Christmas, and we have only been back for two days (we're snowed in!). I will have to let my students come up and use it to correct things- what a great idea! :) They will love that.
Plants seeds...-
Hope it works out for you! :) Just remember that you need to have it hooked up to a computer for it to work. It's truly amazing though- I've really enjoyed it!

That's really great that you guys have access to one. I am tickled pink with mine!
Debi- You are welcome! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

To all:
Tell your friends- invite people! :)
Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


Miss. Parten

Ash, I had an IPEVO for first semester. It is very cool and very reasonable! What a great gift from your class!

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog. You're so sweet. I am loving your blog as well!

By the way, I just started Hunger Games on my Nook :)


Miss. Parten,
Thanks for dropping in! I'm very jealous of your Nook- I want an e-reader soooooo badly! I'm going to have to get off of the computer so I can start reading Hunger Games. I carried my book around the house with me for a few minutes today.... and promptly got distracted by the urge to write a new post! ha!


I have never heard of this, but I am really excited about checking into buying one. Does it focus clearly and work essentially like an Elmo? If it does, then I may stop wishing for an Elmo and go this route. Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my blog! I love your Chinese decorations, by the way!


Honestly, we've only had 2 school days back because of all the snow. However- in those two days I have played with my Ipevo extensively and I'm LOVING the results! It has a continuous or single-click autofocus for clarity and sharpness and it can also take pictures! It focuses well on my itouch even in low light settings. The only downside is that it must be connected to a computer via USB cord. I think it is well worth the money and a great technology to have in the classroom! I highly recommend it!
PS- thanks for the compliment on the decoration. :)

Jena Snowden

Our school does not have document cameras. However, I was able to write a grant for 16 webcams that cost $29.99 each. They can be used like an Elmo or any document camera and then we can use it to Skype as well. They have come in very handy!


What a neat idea! Kuddos on writing a grant. That's on my to do list after I finish Grad school! Thanks for commenting!


Thank you for sharing this great document camera. I saw your post a few weeks ago and emailed my principal. We have been waited to order Elmo's for the classroom but can't getting hung up on the cost. She ordered one for me to "experiment" with and we have discovered it has better clarity than the one Elmo we have in the building. I haven't got to use it for class yet but looking forward to it. Then if all goes well, every classroom will recieve one. Thank you for posting about it on your blog!


Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your story. THIS is why I'm completely fascinated with blogs! I think it is amazing to live in day and age when information can be shared and used- especially to promote education!
I hope you have great success with it. I have been LOVING mine!!!! Good luck!

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