Friday, May 13, 2011

Best end of the year gift EVER; the chicks hatched; grad school update

Was anyone else distraught when blogger went down?!  :)  So here's what you missed:

-Today was career day.  Several parents from my class came to present.  Guess what one sweet couple got me as an end of the year/teacher appreciate gift?
Go on!  Guess!
....No, it's not a coffee mug filled with pencils.
.... Nope.  Not a candle.
Give up?...
A TV.   A flat screen tv.  With a built in DVD player.   Ohmyword.
Ahhhhhh I have a new TV!!!!!!!!!! WOOHHOOO!  It's a Sanyo 26' LCD flat screen TV did I mention it has a DVD Player?!!!  Not like for the classroom- for my house.  I'm still in shock.  We don't have cable at my house (we are kinda po' at my house!), so apparently the students went back and reported that I had no TV.   My old TV was a HUGE panasonic dinosaur with a little itty bitty screen.  :)  Needless to say, I'm ecstatic!
Isn't she pretty?

Ahem.  Ok.  :)  !!!  

Well, in other news....

There are chicks coming out of my ears.  They are everywhere!  We started with 14 eggs, and we currently have 10 baby chicks.  Two eggs are still in the incubators, two others didn't make it.

I was concerned they were going to be loud, but honestly, they spend most of the day sleeping.  The students have really enjoyed them, and now their little feathers are really starting to come in.  

Aren't they funny?  They remind me of the Pigeon books by Mo Willems.                                  
I love the Pigeon series.  I also had a student introduce me to Scaredy Squirrel last year and it has been a big hit in my room with lots of giggles.  They have similar humor to me.
So what's new with you lately?  How many days are left on your countdown?  I'm at 8!  I will miss this little group.  :)

PS- I have a 4.0 in grad school this semester!  :) I'm seriously considering applying for doctoral programs in the Spring.  I'm thinking about Vanderbilt, Trevecca, Lipscomb, & Union University.


Tamara L. Chilver

How exciting!

Teaching Blog Addict


Woowzers! a TV! very neat!



Wow! This was the best post ever! A TV, 8 days till Summer and a 4.0!??!!? You go girl! Go get the PhD!!


I'm jumping up and down for you! Congratulations!
Funky First Grade Fun


OMG! I cannot believe that someone bought you a tv. That's amazing!

Fun In First


Glad you had a good hatch. Our class had 23 out of 24 hatch, the best we've ever had.


Wow!!!! How awesome!!

Miss Ryan

I love the chicks! I've wanted to do this... But what do you do with the chicks after they've hatched??

(PS I also love your adorable blog!)


Frenzy in First

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