Sunday, May 8, 2011

Last Day Of School: Hawaiian Luau

Need ideas for a party on the last day of school?
Our first grade team throws a Luau! We have 7 first grade teachers, and each teacher runs a different station. Students are at a station for 15-20 minutes, then a whistle is blown and they move to the next station in the circle.

Games include:
-Hula Hoop Contest
-Ocean Tattoos
-Pass The Pineapple (Similar to Hot Potato- the pineapple is plastic with rounded edges and it explodes with water after a few minutes)
There are two more I will have to remember and add later!

The parents bring in treats like fruit kabobs.  Here are some other Hawaiian themed treats from

Hawaiian Pizza on a Stick...think Hawaiian pizza, ham, cheese and pineapple and put them cubed on cocktail sticks.
Hawaiian Pizza Muffins... good old English muffins topped with your favourite tropical ingredients.
Huli Huli Chicken Drumsticks...a lovely traditional Hawaiian tropical pineapple marinade to sweeten up those boring old drumsticks
Fancy Fruit Kebabs...don't just thread chunks of fruit on a stick, how about cutting them into fun shapes with a cookie cutter first.
Pineapple & Coconut Fritters...basic pineapple fritters are yum just as they are, but why not add a few extra ingredients and make them yummier still.
Mango Chicken can't have a party without at least one kind of sandwich on the table and for a Hawaiian Luau what could be better than one with chopped mango and chicken inside.
Pani Popo...these sweet coconut buns are a traditional Samoan fare and are deliciously doughy, baked in a sticky coconut sauce and really easy to make.

Most students check out early if their parents are there, but you could play Disney's Lilo and Stitch for the ones that stick around.

What are YOU doing for the last day of school?  Leave a comment!  :)




Oh this sounds like BIG fun!!

Mireya Aguirre

You are awesome! We are thinking of doing a Luau Party and you just gave me great ideas to share with my team!



I did this for my holiday was snowy and we wanted to take a vacation! My class absolutely loved it. We had a smoothie station and a parent created Hawaiian checkers for my class to play. I also ordered way too much from Oriental Trading-but at least it can be reused. I like to change my parties every other year so maybe I can use it for an end of the year Luau next year.
Mrs. Randall’s Learning Library

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