Monday, May 16, 2011

Math Workshop

I started math rotations after Christmas, and I LOVE the results so far! I'm still looking for more ways to improve it, and I would love to hear your ideas!

I start off with a whole group mini-lesson to introduce the skill we will be working on that day. This can be through a book, brainpopjr or study jams video, or demonstration. This is followed by working a few problems on the board with the book page proje

cted onto the screen. Students are very active in this part.

I administer a pre/post-test for each concept before we start. So a student could be in the highest group for addition and the lowest group for money. The groups are named after ocean animals to correspond with our classroom beach theme.

Here is how I break down my groups:

1. MEET WITH THE TEACHER- The low group starts here. I sit down on the floor and have the students spread out in a semi-circle around me. I have a white board and we work with manipulatives. Students spend the last few minutes doing independent work, and I can look over it and see if they are getting it or if they need more help.

2. GAMES- The middle group starts here. Games are simple and cheap! They range from dominoes, playing cards, addition bingo, spaghetti subtraction. Students also have whiteboards and velvet strips for erasers. They can use basic playing cards to create addition or subtraction facts. Whoever has the highest answer wins those cards. If they finish early, they can buddy read a math book.  I purchased the 50 math book bundle from Scholastic, and it has been amazing!

3. TECHNOLOGY- I have been saving ALL of my teaching money to build up the technology in our class for a while. We have: 4 (dinosaur) computers, an ipod touch (BEP $), and my iphone. I have an Ipad ordered and it should be here any time now. I had a Mobi Interwrite that was on loan this year from my sweet literacy coach. The students play on or Orchard Benchmarking Software.
Students play addition Jet Ski Racing on

The students beg to "play" math rotations. They are highly engaged and enjoying learning!

We are changing over to Envision Math next year.  I know my math games will also change.  I would love to hear what you are doing in math!



nice. I struggle so hard with math. Its my summer goal to figure something out- and this looks great! =)

mrs tabb


Hey! I love your ideas! Work stations are my FAVE in my K class. Check out my blog, I've posted some ideas. If you want my documents just email me at


I LOVE your ideas! I just got an android tablet for my class and started using the "workshop" just last week! I have 2 stations after a brief 10 min. lesson from me.
1. Promethean Board(interactive board) some type of math game or flipchart to go with common core for the week
2. Math game(we use everyday math so there are quite a few games and then I have been making some for next year.
3. ME! usually the math book lesson for the day
then the kids come back to me to do calendar math
I group the kids differently than most...will continue in another post


I sort my class on their academic level from the prior qtr. test. Then I cut the list in half. Once in half I take the second half and match along side the first. This way he 1st column is your HIGH to MID students and the 2nd column is your MID to LOW kids. From there I draw a horizontal line to make small groups. I have 28 kids now so my 1st two groups have 10kids!!!If you need further explanation just email me:


I will be implementing the math workshop model for the first time this fall. I am excited about the idea of meeting every student at his/her current ability level. My concern is finding enough quality math games and hands-on activities to ensure their station time is productive. Do you have any suggestions?

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