Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Graffiti Boards: Finished Products

Yesterday I posted about Graffiti boards as a strategy to teach academic vocabulary.  Today in class we completed our graffiti boards on Simple Machines.  I wanted to show you pictures of our finished products.  The boards on the left are the "prior knowledge" and the ones on the right are what they learned.  Some I took close ups of so you could read it.

You can see from these pictures that on some of the words, the students had NO CLUE what the term was!  After a hands-on investigation and class discussion, they were able to record many new discoveries.

You can see how their understanding when from an "air"plane to an inclined plane!

Here you can see in the bottom right corner several illustrations, words like "see saw" and it goes up and down.  Still a few question marks as well- we will keep working on it! :)  That is one thing about these as well- your kids can be really honest if they don't understand.

In other news...  Our chicks hatched!  I'm included a few pics of the little guys.  They are adorable!  Who else does this project?

And last- have you entered the Angry Birds Thematic Unit giveaway yet?!  It ends tomorrow!


Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron

ok - I"m super scared that I killed all our chicks!! They were supposed to hatch today, but as of 3:45, they hadn't hatched yet - eek!!

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron

ps...we don't have those scanny thingies, bummed about that (for your angry birds pack)

Ashley Cross

Hey Jen!
Don't freak out yet- give them some time! Mine were 1-2 days late too and I was nervous! Just note that all may not hatch.
Also, you don't have to have a QR reader to use the unit. That's just an extra fun piece. Just to let you know, ANY phone that can download apps, an iPod, or iPad can access the QR codes. I have an iPhone that I've been letting my students use for the past 3 years.

Thanks for the comment!

Heidi Butkus

My class hatches chicks, too! It's so much fun!!!! I'm glad to see that someone else does it, too.
Heidi Butkus

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