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How To Get A Teaching Job: Getting Started

April is a time when many people are searching for jobs in education. My husband's job situation recently forced me to this position myself, so I would like to share with you a few of my tips. (He got a job here, so I'm staying with my current one. It was a good experience to interview again, though!)

Today's post will discuss resume tips, how to get an interview, how to contact principals, and using technology to stand out.

Electronic Portfolio
  • For graduate school, I was required to create a massive electronic portfolio. I think this was a very valuable resource and could also be used by jobseekers. The portfolio was actually a PowerPoint with active hyperlinks and video embedded throughout. You can make your own version by uploading lesson plans and your philosophy of education to Google Docs and linking them to your portfolio. The portfolio can be mailed in on a CD to principals or left after you leave an interview.
Another high-tech option is an interactive resume on the iPad. There was a post someone put out this week on this, and I can't find it again. Anyone else read it? I would love to link it up; I really like this idea. I believe they used some type of book creation app to make a resume. It was completely interactive- you could hand it to an administrator and they could click it to play a clip of you teaching or touch a different area to open your Philosophy of Education.
When I first started out, I didn't even know where to begin! Be sure to apply to the district and surrounding areas of where you would like to teach. Email principals directly with a letter of intent.

Here is an example of what I recently used:

Dear Principal,

My name is Ashley Cross, and I am interested in working at your school. I have three years of experience as a first grade teacher. I hold a Master’s degree in Special Education as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

I am very enthusiastic and hard working. I believe in positive classroom management and data-driven instruction. I am continuously refining my craft by implementing research-based strategies into my teaching.

I integrate technology daily into the classroom environment. Some of our recent class projects include: using Google Forms to create online surveys and see our results in graphs in math and creating green screen videos for social studies. I am a leader in the school environment; I work well with teams and independently. This year, I have presented at three conferences including: TN Education State Technology Conference, ****** County District Technology Conference, and the online Teaching Blog Expo. I am also on the district technology committee.

My husband has family that owns a business in the area and we are looking to relocate. I believe I could be an asset to your school. You can see more of my teaching practices in action by visiting the websites listed below.

My paperwork is on file with the county office, and I would like to request an interview with you.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ashley Cross


My Teaching Blog

My Class Website


If you don't have the technology, put together a portfolio of what you do have. Mine was a big leather scrapbook with page protectors inserted throughout. I included lesson plans, newsletters, pictures of student teaching, volunteer work, awards/accomplishments and extracurricular activities. Even if you are straight out of college, put down everything you were involved in from your practicum to student teaching! Try starting out as a sub to get to know the school.

Future post:
  • Preparing for your job interview: How to answer questions, what to wear, what to bring & how to prepare
Please share YOUR pre-job interview tips in the comments! I want to hear from all of you!



Love this! Such great tips!!! I definitely need them!

Sparkles , Smiles, and Student Teaching

3rd Grade Thoughts

Great tips! My student teacher is getting ready to start job hunting and I will definitely point her to this series :) I am your newest follower and really love your blog!

3rd Grade Thoughts

Melissa, DillyDabbles

I've been interviewing for administrative and district level positions for 4 years now. I've been hesitant to share my blogging for fear of how that will be accepted. I also have never had anyone seem interested in a portfolio. Competition for these positions is intense, especially with the economy. It seems that everyone went back to school. What has been your experience with the reception of your blogging and portfolio?

The Science Penguin

I'm moving and just started my job hunt. I'm looking forward to more tips to make myself stand out!

Miss Taylor

Thank you so much for this post! I will graduate in May and have already begun the job search! I look forward to your future tips! One of the biggest things that has been stressed to me is to "stalk" the school district. Be familiar with everything on their website, curriculum, test scores, benefits, everything! That way, in the interview you already have shown how interested you are in the school or district. I have found a few great websites for the state of Texas with district stats! Good luck!

We Teach Like A Rockstar

What a great post. Thanks for taking time to share this! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks


Thanks for this awesome post! I recently got a call for an interview in the city I grew up in and I'm so nervous because I don't want to screw it up! :)


Mor Zrihen

Awesome post! great tips, thanks for sharing!

❤ Mor Zrihen from...
A Teacher's Treasure
Teaching Treasures Shop


Thank you very much for a great post. I look forward to following your blog for more great ideas!


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