Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back to school: First day folders

At the beginning of the school year there is so much paperwork!  Some needs to stay at home, some signed and returned.  I created a generic folder to use every year for the first week of school. 
To make these, I purchased "Welcome to 3rd Grade" Postcards from the parent teacher store (36 cards for $4).  Next, I went to Walgreens and picked up folders without prongs which are currently on sale 4 for $1.  Total cost for a set of 20: under $10- (cheaper if you already have the supplies) and they can be used for years!
I put double sided tape on the postcard to stick it to the front.  I added my labels to the inside pockets and laminated the folders (flat and open!).
You will have to use scissors to score the inside- break the lamination so they can use the pockets!


Diane Hubacz

I love this idea! So simple, but so perfect! I've used manila envelopes, but this is so much better! Thanks!

Teaching with Moxie


This is positively brilliant! I am one of your newest followers. Love all the tips!


Great idea and thanks for sharing!

Crayons and Curls

Love this idea! Thank you for sharing! :)
Crayons and Curls

Pat's Paper Passion

Thank you...such an easy solution for the first few days...and everyone has the same folder to begin the year. I may turn this into their Friday Folder, where I send home their week's papers and grades every-other-week.

I think I'll make postcards using the postcard format with PrintShop. If I design my own I can leave a space for the student's name.

I wonder when walmart, etc will have their school supplies out? They usually have cheap folders, etc. We begin with students on August 13!


A Time to Share & Create


Fabulous 4th Grade

cindy winkler

Great idea! I want to use it! I really like using plastic folders because they last most of the year!


I was just at Walmart today, and the school shelves were all cleared off and everything was in bins and baskets at the ends of the aisles in preparation for the school supply sales coming up!!!!


great idea; I need to use it in my field for presentation folders. Custom Tri Fold Folders

Teaching Little Miracles

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing! We are your newest followers!
Teaching Little Miracles

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