Thursday, August 2, 2012

School delayed "indefinitely"

Hey all!
Sorry I've been MIA.  I've been working crazy 12 hour days trying to get ready for the new school year... which is much harder when you change grades!
So get this:
Our county commission won't approve the school board's budget (which they reduced by $5 MILLION LAST YEAR)... so they just aren't going to start school.
We were suppose to start Monday.  We've had registration night.  We've met the kids.  And now we aren't going to school.  They are suppose to take them out of our snow days.  Craziness!!!!!!!!  You can read more about it here.



Wow. I really have no words--I can't believe that could happen. I'm sorry you're stuck right now, that must be difficult. Wow.

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I think this is the craziest post I have read yet...YOU DIDN'T START SCHOOL!?! It is such an exciting time I couldn't imagine having to wait...but it gives you a day to rest from your 12 hour days. I get to work in my classroom tomorrow and I cannot wait. Enjoy the new grade! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog


This is absolutely crazy! Wow!

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Oh my gosh! I can't imagine students going to visit your classroom and then waiting day by day to figure out when school starts. That's terrible for everyone involved.

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Holy Moly!!!! That's CRAZY! Guess I'll count my blessings. I can't imagine how our parents would respond to that! I wish you peace and patience, I don't know how I would handle that stress. Good Luck,


Wow! Why couldn't they take days off the end of the year? That's horrible!!


That is absolutely insane. So much for putting kids first, huh? Wow.


Oh my goodness- that is CRAZY! So when will you ever go back!?!?! Keep us updated!!! And I guess enjoy the unexpected summer days you have now.... :-)


Somebody needs to re-align their priorities! I hate that's happening in your district. One of my college buds went through something similar in TN last year. Such a shame! We started 3.5 weeks late last year, but it was because of construction, so this summer has been a *wee* bit short. :) Try to relax and enjoy your extra days if you can.



I am a teacher in this same county too! I am glad someone is finally taking a stand and sticking up for the students and teachers in our district. I hate that it has come to this but as one of the largest and best counties in the state it is a shame that we are working with the 42nd smallest budget....


I think I know some commissioners whose jobs may be on the line come re-election time. Talk about stopping the world...putting kids last, inconveniencing the parents (can you imagine the day care nightmare???), and sending this kind of message to your school staff?

We're dealing with terrible budget issues as well in Texas (our district lost $13 million this year), but never would we stop school to get the issues solved.


I am also in your county. I really hope they fund the schools soon. It is crazy...and disappointing to everyone.


Crazy! I hope they figure it out! That's so weird that they would do that- but hopefully they'll fund you guys. Teaching is hard work - and on limited budgets even harder. Good luck!

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Wow! That is crazy. I hope they resolve it without cutting staff and extras. Our district had to reduce their budget by 8 million two years ago. The state announced huge cuts in the middle of the school. I got caught in a reduction of force of 150 teachers due to this. It is an awful thing to go through for everyone involved. We even had to trim our specials. Our libraries are now staffed by paraprofessionals and our kids only have 30 minutes for specials. I was called back to teaching kindergarten last year and love it. Try to relax even though this may get very difficult. I am a stronger person now than I was two years ago.

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This is insane! While the higher ups play chicken the teachers and students ( and families of both) get caught in the middle. I teach in Michigan and about 4 years ago the representatives in our State couldnt/wouldnt get a balanced budget. It almost "shut down the state", which would have included our school, and millions of people would have gone without pay while they got their act together. Thankfully they managed to pull something together at the 11th hour. But how ridiculous! I haven't voted for any of those people since, although some of them are still there, why I will NEVER know, but thats a tangent for another time. :) Head over to my blog and join my giveaway. A free $10 gift certificate to TPT will make anyone feel better.
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Hopefully the parents are emailing and calling the county council and letting them know that is unacceptable!


It is a sad time we are living in right now! Hang in there


WOW! This is crazy. Best of luck!
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cant believe your school is being the mean time you can blog =) im your newest follower...drop by

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