Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day of school classroom layout

The "Classroom Promise" posters are $5 on TPT.  The Vinyl Clip Chart is $20 from New Management (Rick Morris).  You can order one here.
Yea, that's me and Rick Morris!  :)  Gotta love conferences.

I LOVE my "Don't forget the table washers" sign!  To the right of that is the reminder board for crazy last minute dismissal changes. 

 These are Jenny's Blooms Taxonomy Posters for $1.00 on TPT! (Please ignore the fact that my last two are out of order.... lol it's on my to do list)

The classroom clock labels are free here.  The bulletin board is from Mountain Math... I will probably change it soon.  The Aquarium came from a grant from Pets In The Classroom.

The genre posters come from Beth Newingham.  You can print them for free!

The Hand Signals are $4 from TPT.  The white shelves are only $19 from Walmart; I purchased the 2 of the three tier shelves and spread them out across the room.  The book bins are from Really Good Stuff.

This is my Money & Notes collection bin.  It's a plain black stackable bin, but I added scrapbook paper to make it stand out.

I'm linking up with Beg Borrow Steal to see other classroom layouts!  



This looks lovely, Ashley!
Glad they resolved the budget issues...
Have a wonderful new year!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade


Looks awesome. I am busy trying to get my new classroom ready. I hope it looks even half as good as yours does.

Miss Kindergarten

OH man, why have I never thought of taking a picture with Rick Morris?!


Beautiful! I love the idea of adding scrapbooking paper to something mundane to make it special. I'll have to try that. Thanks for sharing - I'm sure your students will love it!

Mrs. Allen’s 5th Grade Files

Patti Wilson

Your room looks great! Thanks for sharing where you obtained your items

One Class, One Sound

Courtney Petzold

I absolutely love your classroom! It is colorful and inviting, but not overwhelming. Thanks for sharing!

Ohh, also, what grade do you teach!?


@Courtney- 3rd Grade this year.
@Miss K- It's a nerd thing. :) I'm trying to get a collection of pictures with all the gurus

Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! Seriously, I <3 comments ALOT! :)


Awesome room! I would love to read more about your math bulletin board (Mountain math).
My Second Sense

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog

Your classroom is inviting, warm, and organized! Your students are lucky to have you! SMILES!

Mrs. Morgan

Cute Blog!! I am your newest follower! I love your classroom!

Check out my blog sometime:



My colleague had ordered some adhesive nameplate slips (I believe from Really Good Stuff) and then she ended up not using them and passing them along to me. She switched over to a nameplate holder that stands vertically on the desk.
I've used many things in the past including contact paper or laminating them and hot glueing them directly to the desk. I'll let you know how these hold up!

WLCI Design School
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