Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ohmiword we are starting school day after tomorrow!

So, our school was delayed since August 6th because they couldn't pass our budget.  They JUST announced that they are starting Thursday.  As in, THIS THURSDAY!  Also as in.... day after tomorrow!!!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!

This is why I'm freaking out: today I took apart my library.  Wanna hear the good news?  Today I scanned 381 books into my new database of amazingness... still many more left to go!  Richard Allington suggests having a classroom library with 750-1,500 books in the classroom.  

Book CrawlerI got an app called BookCrawler ($1.99) .  I LOVE this app!  You can scan the barcodes on books and it pulls up the ISBN, title, genre and picture.  I put them into categories based on which book tub they go in and I also added the reading level.  The really great part is that you can easily look and see how many of each group you have, search based on reading level, or search by topic.  You can also lend them to students and keep a record of it.  You will always know exactly which books you own and how many.  You can export your database to any mobile device or computer.  Love!  My inspiration comes from Anglea Bunyi's library and Beth Newingham's library.

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Any last minute back to school tips?  Does anyone else use a library database?


Fun in Second Grade

Thank you for sharing this! I have been procrastinating for many years about doing this. I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing the app. Good luck with your first day! If you get a chance, I am having a giveaway on my blog.

Jackie H.

Oh, I had seen this app but hadn't heard any reviews on it. Glad to hear that it works. I may use it for my home library. I tend to forget that I already have a book!!!

California Natives

Does it work with all books,even if they are older books? I know I have tried entering some ISBN #'s and some search engines can't locate the book. I have many books from yard sales and thrift stores that are older. Just wondering?!


I use a database for my 2-3 split classroom library, tho it is one I created in Excel. There were far too many books that weren't in the commercial application database. I also can track where I keep multiple copies of books, ie 1 book, 3 copies: in the ar bin, the mammals bin, and the non-fiction animals bin!

Ellen Martin

Oh....the hours I could have saved since I started my database 7 years ago! I don't have an i-phone, but my husband does and I'm definitely purchasing this app! Thanks for the insight and ideas. I'll be sharing with my school for sure! Good luck today with your first day of school!

Elizabeth Tierney

I love Book Crawler!! In the past, I have used it to catalogue my personal library, so I didn't buy multiple copies of the same book, but this year I am scanning the books that I want to read at beginning of year, books that I want to read for Writers' Workshop, etc. Eventually I hope to catalogue my whole library, but that is a big, big job.

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