Thursday, June 2, 2011

200 Followers! Free Whole Brain Teaching Class Management Program

  200 followers!  Woohoo!

In honor of 200+ followers, I'm sharing a super exciting secret....


Chris Biffle has an amazing classroom management program called "Whole Brain Teaching".  I use this with my firsties and they LOVE it!    Check this video out to see the basics of this program:


Here is a 1st grade class example:

Here is a K example:

Check out these Kindergarten students explaining with gusto the meaning of compound words all while using the Whole Brain Teaching Method!

And here are some more advanced techniques:

Here is a link to the Whole Brain Teaching Website, where you can sign up for free and receive a multitude of free stuff!  He has a program for difficult students, and everyday teaching by the students.  You will love it, so please take just a moment to check it out!

Thank you for the continued support of this blog- 200 followers since January has blown me away!  Ya'll are awesome.  :)



i LOOOOOOOVE Whole Brain Teaching-- I've gone to the conference 2 times & use A LOT of it with my 1st graders. I'm trying to get it to spread to my whole school-- it's ah-mazing!

Oceans of First Grade Fun

I LOVE LOVE LOVE WBT! I tried it for the first time this school year...and I'm hooked!
Thanks for sharing this.
Ms. A

Nancy Wilson

I love, Love, LOVE WBT!!!!!! I went to a one day conference in December. It was Chris Biffle (Biff) and all of his team! I'm finishing my 23 year teaching 3rd grade and WBT has transformed my teaching. Over the summer I'm planning to line up the Power Pix with our Lang. Arts series and use them throughout next year! Thanks for sharing! Thanks, Nancy


This looks like how I tend to teach anyway, but with much more enthusiasm! I am EXCITED to check it out. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!


I really hope I can implement this. It seems that I need to start practicing...


Whole Brain Teaching is AWESOME!!! It is so simple yet so effective.

I have a blog about it:

To read about the impact it had on my teaching visit my first post:


WBT is SO much fun!! Thanks for the call out!!!

Read my blog to learn more about my experiences in the classroom using WBT!


I love whole brain teaching. All I use now is the Class-Yes technique but it NEVER fails. Clapping fails occasionally, lights blinking feels desperate. I love class-yes because my kids stop everything to do it. I wish I could take a class in it.

1st in Maine


I LOVE whole brain teaching, I just discovered it this fall but I am definitely hooked! I blog regularly about it at

I'd love feedback from yourself or others who have more experience with it!


I did a presentation involving the kindergarten video in one of my education classes last semester and have been thinking about it ever since! I linked to your blog on mine over at, I hope that you don't mind! I am about to start student teaching and would love to implement whole brain teaching in my classroom, I would love to hear how you got it started in your classroom, how long it took your kids to learn it, etc. Thank you!


This is exciting! I am a very new blogger with WBT and have 1 follower. I cannot wait to build my blog with photos and stories, etc. I like the way you have done this page. Thank you. Caroline

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