Saturday, June 11, 2011

A green screen movie to introduce yourself to your new class

Here is my first Jaycut (free online editing software) movie using a green screen.  To learn more, visit my post about publishing movies.  Again, this is my first try with Jaycut- I will work on the whole "disembodied head" look....
Here is a tutorial on School Tube about Jaycut Green Screen Movies.

Nice face, huh?  ;P

I shot this by sitting in front of a green towel held up by an empty TV box placed on my ironboard.  I actually filmed this one with my mac.  This is a very rough first copy, but I love the technology.

I'm including a link to the fancy-pants set up from Amazon that I would loooove to get for my classroom.  You could also paint a wall green if they let you!  This would eliminate the green spots you see in my video.  But as a first attempt with a towel as the backdrop, I think it's not too shabby!

How do you use videos in the classroom?



Love it Ash! You have a great voice for commentating and I bet your do good read alouds too! I will love this idea for welcoming my new kinders by taking them on a virtual tour of our school and "meeting" the specials teachers. I am looking forward to making quite a few modeling videos to model how to do lunch and some procedural things to help illustrate what to do and not to do for my incoming kinders. Thanks for sharing this find!
- Leslie


This is great! I have wanted to do some green screen videos for a while now. I bought (expensive) software, but never took the time to learn how. This is PERFECT! THANKS!!!

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