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Ocean/Beach themed classroom- 1st grade in photographs!

Classroom Library on PhotoPeach

Here is a virtual tour of my ocean-themed classroom.  I know some of the pics are already on my blog, but I wanted to compile everything ocean-related into one post.  There are still many, many things that I want to change.  I'm open to your ideas for (nice) constructive criticism.  :)
I can't find an updated pic of my calendar.  It looks completely different now!  I use JMeacham for inspiration.

These are my class rules from Whole Brain Teaching.  They are hot-glued to a left over beach mat from Ron Jon's Surf Shop.  I miss Florida.

This is my parent communication binder, or S.E.A. binders.  Again, JMeacham rocks at this and has all of it outlined for you to download if you need it.

The wishlist in the hallway.  The 1 set of shells are photocopied in black & white.  I do touchups with markers and then add an avery label with a wishlist item.

To create this door, combine an ocean theme packaged resource & paint.

I really love my ocean paper on the word wall.  I think it adds a lot to the room.  This is before school started, so it is empty!
For the cubbies, I added these little guys after laminating them.  Cover them with contact paper to make them stick.  Last, add an avery label with each student's name to identify which cubby is theirs.  You can even add another label on top the next year!  They stayed really well.

Modified shower curtain from Walmart keeps my clutter at bay

My closet area.  See the ocean-ish colors behind the fish in the window?  It's an old umbrella cloth.  The dolphin is a Batik (silk screen dying process) I did in high school.  Note my old colored card management system- check out my post on classroom management for different ways to have positive interactions.

Outside the wishlist board can be converted to show off student work.

Entryway- these are "sole fish" aka crayon rubbings of the bottom of their shoe decorated to look like a fish.  We also do a writing activity with this.
Finally the arrival of my Ocean Canopy from Oriental Trading.  You can get your own for $50- they also come in jungle theme & a circus (primary colors) theme.  We've added a fun assortment of pillows and beanbags.  It makes for quite a comfy reading nook!

Of course you have to have an aquarium!  I moved it from this spot, but when we first got it that was the only place I could fit it in.

My canopy has moved to the back of the room this year.  Also, check out the Palm tree beach paper above the cubbies.  I really like that.  I also added grass skirt strips from the dollar store above all door ways- you can see it in the right side of this pic above the closet door.  The kiddos on the left are sitting at a kidney-shaped table doing guided reading with me.

Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM Look Who's In Our Room!  
I love our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Classroom Door.  We don't get our class lists until the day before the students arrive (yikes!) so I added names later.   I also took their photographs and put them on the shells above their names.  I really liked covering the door frame to make it pop.  I took long skinny strips of pink butcher paper and then covered them with lots of orange paper dots.  Add the grass skirt strip from dollar store and you are all set!

My "vacation hat" is very useful.  It's a visual to remind the other students that I'm working in small groups- on "vacation".  Whenever the hat is on, they can't talk to me.  They have to find a friend or use one of our problem solving skills to figure it out on their own until I can meet with them again.  I also have a "computer expert" that wears a special necklace who they can go to for tech help.  You could also include a "supply manager".

Check out ClutterFreeClassroom for even more beach ideas!

You could even purchase CFC's ocean kit on TPT:

There is another linky party over at Surfin' Through Second.

I'd love to see pics of your room!


Littlest Learners

I was just going to leave a comment asking if you would mind if I posted a link to your blog on my beach page and then saw my lil' ole button at the bottom of this post. :) Too funny! Thanks for including me. Your room looks great! :) Jodi

Mrs. Coe

Your room looks great!

Annie Moffatt

Aww...seeing your room really makes me miss teaching in the classroom! I guess I will need to turn our office into a classroom for my girls! Love the inspiration.


I love the canopy. How cute!


Beach Teacher

Your room looks great! I also have a beach themed room:


I love all of your pictures but I especially love the idea for a special hat to let kids know you are busy. That is one thing that I will have to try this year. Brilliant!



Your room looks amazing!



Shana Nicole

Your room is so cute!! My room is also ocean themed but since I don't go back to school until the 22nd I don't have it complete. You gave me a lot of great ideas! Thanks! I loveeee the vacation hat idea, mind if I use some of your ideas?


I love you room!
I am so interested in how you were able to get the clothes-pin crayons (adorable) to stick to the wall? I would love to do that outside my room also!

Ms. Nicole

Wow! Love the Ocean Theme! You did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!

Ginger Snaps

Can I come be in your class!!?? It looks so fun!


I love your classroom. It looks amazing. Ocean/Beach theme is definitely my favorite. Thanks for linking up with me. :D
❤Dragonflies in First ❤


Wow! It looks fantastic:) I love the canopy, so fun!! I was planning on using my beach hat for guided reading as well, so cute:) Thanks so much for linking up. I would love it if you would place the linky button on your post as well:)

Surfin' Through Second

Ms. Pretzel

Super cute canopy! I'm a new follower!!

Amy Canterbury

The canopy is awesome! I am thinking about a reading center display at the moment. Right now, I know I want some large pillows for a couple of students to sit on during reading. I also have a pirate and ocean theme classroom.

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