Monday, June 20, 2011

QR Codes: What are they? How can teachers use QR codes in the classroom?

What is a QR code?
QR code stands for "Quick Response."  When you scan it with your mobile device, it instantly gives you the information stored on it. Here is a comic tutorial from The Daring Librarian:

You can find them popping up everywhere nowadays- magazines, posters, even clothing!

How do you scan them?
Using an app for your mobile phone allows uses to scan the QR codes and receive the information stored on them.  Information can be a website URL, a video, a map, a text message....
The app I am currently using is called "QRReader" but apparently AT&T has an app called "Code Scanner" that works nicely as well.  Basically you should do a search for "QR" and it might be advantageous to add the word "free" as well.

Why do we need QR codes in the classroom?
The beauty of QR codes is that you can store any type of information on there.  So if you wanted to store a really long URL, your students would just scan rather than typing the whole thing in themselves.  You could link them to a video, or even have the assignment in the code.  I think a great way to do math practice would be to scan a code to get the problem.  You could also send them a map of what you are studying.  The possibilities are limitless!

How can I create my own QR code?
qrcodeQR Code Generator - Make your own QR Code. Free. - or 
Both of these sites are fast and easy to use.  You can also do a search of the internet to find pre-made codes.  I've taken a look at Google Reader, and these are some of the bloggers that already have QR lessons made for you!

Shapes & Fractions by 1st grade learning stars
Mystery Math (addition/subtraction) by Swamp Frog 1st Grader
Math Shapes by 1st grade Frogs
Library Genre Scavenger Hunt by The Daring Librarian 
QR codes in the Classroom by Free Technology For Teachers


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How do you use QR codes?


Tamara L. Chilver

Wonderful post!

Annie Moffatt

Wow! Totally awesome and interesting post! Thank you for sharing!


Thanks ladies! :)


I have always wondered what those things were!


Deedee Wills

LOL!!! I have seen them, but I had NO idea what they were. I sort-of felt I SHOULD know. I will admit it... I am a bit slow!

Thank you for solving the mystery! Way cool!

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

The Organized Classroom Blog

Very nice article and thanks for including my QR Codes in the Classroom Guest Post!

The Organized Classroom Blog


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Thanks for this! I have been trying to come up with more ideas to use QR codes. I currently use them for directions. They are linked to YouTube videos in my room. Then I have them linked to web sites. My favorite one is creating a podcast and then linking them to that so the kiddos can use it as a listening center! You can also send home the QR code with the kiddo so the parents can hear a recording of the kiddo reading! I did a QR code post at my blog as well. I also found some cool QR code lessons at TpT!


Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones - The Daring Librarian
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Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones - The Daring Librarian

Thanks so much for featuring my graphics & info from my blog! So glad you found it helpful! Now... I gotta resist flipping your awesome avatar horizontally so she's looking IN to your blog to the right & not OFF your blog to the left. But then again I have graphic design OCD! LOL

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