Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Place value name snowmen

So I'm loving the Comparing Snowmen as the backdrop to the igloo :)
I sent my husband to the store to pick up all this crazy stuff. He refers to it as my 'unholy science experiment'. I call it engaged classroom fun! Projects include: Marshmallow Place Value (toothpicks, marshmallows, cereal) <did this today and they loved it!!!!!>, Blubber experiment (shortening, petroleum jelly) & 3D snowmen (Shaving cream + glue)
So I had an unannounced pop-in evaluation today. And we were right in the middle of putting this beauty together. They kids were EVERYWHERE around the room with some amazing cooperative learning. It was pretty much rockin'. Then my sweet angels went on to ask amazing questions and had excellent small group discussions. <3 Then we did reading groups. Not bad for a random 1 hour pop-in (dontcha love those?) This idea is found on many blogs, but I particularly liked the post from Marvelous Multiagers.
Marshmallow place value idea from Babbling Abby AMAZINGNESS! This really helped me get through our math lesson today. We just adopted Envision math this year, and chapter 11... dear me I thought I would cry. This helped a TON with the start of chapter 12. Anyone else using Envision? I could use some help with extra resources/ideas!

Place Value Lesson Ideas
Crayon Bits has a really neat idea about comparing numbers by using two cups of colored water. Talk about greater than, equal to, and less than using the amounts in the two cups.

Crazy for First Grade has an amazing guest post than has a ton of resources for place value! Definitely check this blog out- lots of great free printables!

My principal wasn't a big fan of The Daily 5 :((((( And so now this is my new rotation chart. This is off of Debbie Diller's stuff.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow. Igloo side shot! :)

New special ed chart to help out my austistic kiddo gauge his emotion. This also gives us strategies and a way to talk him down when he starts to get upset.

How's your week been going? I'm so excited about the upcoming blogger meet-up with Abby and Michelle!


laughinbrunette (Jennifer)

LOVE that igloo!!
First Grade Blue SKies


Thanks for the shout out!! My kids loved that project so much, they still look at it as they walk down the hall and say, "Wow, my snowman is so cute!!!!" Haha!!

And your igloo is out of control! It looks awesome!

Marvelous Multiagers!

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