Thursday, January 26, 2012

Visuals, I can statements, & Bloom's Taxonomy

This year we have been
undergoing a very stressful evaluation process with a strict new format. The great part is that it has really forced all of the teachers to focus on the important things and get our acts together! I will have 5 formal evaluations this year under the new system.

Here are the details of the poster:
  1. Use Visuals- State objectives. Relate past learning. Relate to real life.
  2. Incorporate Literature- When possible read an interactive story with lesson.
  3. Interactive Activity- Create & demonstrate
  4. Cooperative Learning- Group work to discover and learn
  5. Leveled Assessment- Ability leveled data connection
  6. Writing Connection- Math & Writing Journals
  7. Technology Focus- Make lessons more meaningful
  8. Use Manipulatives- Independent Practice
  9. What will we learn?*/At the end, we will know...

This is just a jump start for the lesson. Basically, you go over how you will be doing those things in that specific lesson. So, you talk about whatever visual you will use, what book you will read, et cetera. I actually plan on starting with the "What will we learn?" and the "I can" statements (the objectives in kid-friendly terms). Then you follow the chart to briefly discuss what you will be doing for that lesson. After you teach the lesson, you reference the board again for the "At the end, we will know..." I have this one on a lift-up flap on the dark blue shell.

I have the colored levels of Bloom's Taxonomy on the board. Mrs. Saylor has these amazing questions already typed up and read for you to print and use! Print them on the corresponding colored card stock, laminate and put them on a binder ring. Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Saylor!
*Picture from Mrs. Saylor's Blog



Thank you so much for having the Bloom's available to print. We are also undergoing a whole new evaluation process and these will be great!!


April you have the copies of your poster. I think our principal would love this!

cindy helms

What are your five formal evaluations you will have this year? thanks! Love the Bloom cards!

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