Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why TPT is great

I discovered something a few months ago that has changed my teaching! Our school can do Purchase Orders to Teachers Pay Teachers, which is pretty amazing.
It basically means I'm not sitting at my computer while my husband gives me raised eyebrows about why I have out the credit card!

Lately, I've been loving two units in particular:

Cost: $4.50

My kids were not "getting" adjectives. They did after this unit! Our PTO even has a Popcorn cart which increased our fun! :)

Just for the record, our popcorn wasn't burnt. But hey, it fits!

Smells yummy! :)
We "buttered" our adjectives with a highlighter in our writing piece. Bonus: The popcorn box pattern is adorable and can be used for many things! We have some up as AR incentives. Each kid has their own box (cover up "adjectives" and add names there) & for every AR point they can add a piece of popcorn.
*All products copyright Abby Mullins*

By: Deanna Jump
Cost: $8.50
First of all, let me say that I am a big fan of Deanna's. Her units are always good, but I was really blown away by this one!
Sample thumbnail from TPT
I LOVE her graphic organizers. These are so versatile and helpful for the kids. We made a book of all the U.S. symbols from this.
Sample thumbnail from TPT
This penny experiment was amazing! The kids had a great time doing it, and I think it summed up everything I was teaching that week! It was perfect because we had been learning about: math- coins; reading- sequence; social studies- U.S. symbols

Here are some of our class products:
I LOVE that I can laminate all the headings and have them ready to go for next year!

The directed drawing activity + Venn

*All products copyright Deanna Jump*

What are your favorite TPT items?


Ms. Rachel

Those activities looks great! There are so many great things out there on TPT!

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Love TPT!!
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How cool is that?!? I wish our school would do that. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the raised eyebrow thing either. LOL ~ Vicky
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Those look like fun Ash!

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How cute are you?!

Sara S.

The popcorn looks great!

Sara :)
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I love seeing pictures of what others are doing! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your room!

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