Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day LINK PARTY + Card Idea

I wanted to do a special Valentine for my class. I found this adorable idea on Pinterest, so I had to create my own! I purchased the lanyard glow stick necklaces for less than $10 at Walmart. They come 8 to a pack- $3 each pack in the party favor section. They also have cheaper options- you could just do a glow bracelet for each kid to make the cost go down.

***Update: I found the original! This activity came from The Teacher Wife. She has a GREAT printable version that is wonderful & you can check out her original post you make my ♥ GLOW! {v-day freebie} here!
The Teacher Wife

Another Version:

We also are creating Valentine Card Scrapbooks. We are studying adjectives for size & color this week, so I modified this document. The students will pick out one valentine card, glue it to the page and write the adjective & sentence that goes with it. The scrapbook idea came from somewhere else- I did a regular scrapbook last year, but I added the adjectives/sentence part to make it more academic this year. If you are the original creator of the V-day scrapbook, let me know and I'll add credit here & a link back to you! Click here to get your copy of the adjective version.

What's your favorite Valentine's Activity? Link up! Or, link your V-day Pinterest Board!



That printable is from The Teacher Wife, but they also make one into an arrow called Hearts Aglow on =)

I'm using it, too!

Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

Ashley Cross

Thank you, Emily! I wish I would have found her printable a few hours ago!!!!!

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