Friday, September 16, 2011

What's your most prized school items?

I found out today we might have some extra money coming from a PTO fundraiser.  Woohoo!  Now my dilemma is purchasing meaningful, classroom changin' products.

At the start of the year I shelled out some major moolah out of my own pocket and purchased:

  • A Wireless Printer (helloooo blogging ideas!)
  • 2 color ink cartridges and 2 black ones (I could use some more already...)
  • Book Bins for the kiddos
  • Book Baskets for my classroom library
  • iHome Dock (result of me selling my graduate school books back to Amazon...)
  • Otterbox ipad case (which makes the ipad not fit in the above-mentioned ipad dock.  thankyouverymuch)
Other classroom rockin' products that <3:
  • The Daily Five
  • The Cafe Book
  • Words Their Way
  • Lucy Calkin's Units of Study for Primary Grades
  • All the recommended mentor texts from Units of Study
  • Math books- I would guess that I have over 100 math books in our class library
  • A document camera- iPevo $70 on Amazon
  • Ipad
  • My iphone (yep, I put it in the hands of the kiddos)
I would love to have:
  • Audio CDs and Books for the CD player
  • More organizational stuff... like to keep our weekly leveled books in
  • An interactive whiteboard (ha!) or Mimeo 
  • A cutting machine 
  • A closet makeover (my closet is about 1/4 the size of everyone else's on the hall.  Stupid AC unit or whatever the heck is back there taking up all my closet space!)
  • More fun teaching tools

So, what do you recommend that I get?  What are your favorite classroom items?
Also- what are your students' favorite apps?  Anything I need to get?


Mrs. Zrihen

Get a document camera & projector!!!!!!

❤ Mor ❤
A Teacher's Treasure


I heart Words Their Way too! My absolute favorite item is my SMARTboard. It has made my lessons so much more visual!

Mrs. Magee

You've won an award on my blog!

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